Davy Kerns - 2015

Nov 2nd 2015
This is the first time going to bluedarkoutfitters and it will not be the last!!I booked a deer hunt for a week for myself and my two sons james and casey and we had a blast my brother and his son also booked a week deer hunt again this is the first time visiting bluedark and Charles.we felt very much at home after meeting and talking to Charles you would think we had known each other for 20 years charles is a great guy and awesome guide.every morning charles would come to the lodge and get a cup of coffee and go over the game plan for the morning hunt in detail then we would head out to our hunting spot charles takes you to the stand and gives you pointers on what will likely unfold during your hunt charles is not a regular guide he is a super devoted guide that goes beyond what you would expect charles scouts constantly to keep up with the changing patterns of the deer and goes out of his way to put you on deer.unfortunately the weather didn't cooperate with our hunt it was in the mid 70's the whole week but charles kept working and working checking the weather and wind etc and helped put a plan together for us to be successful my son james harvested his 1st buck a nice 8 point and Charles was so happy and congratulated james numerous times that right there was an eye opening experience charles is a honest hard working fantastic man I could go on forever about how much we enjoyed our hunt I wish it was longer.after a great dinner at the lodge charles sits down and talks about how the day unfolded and just has a good conversation about the day in general then as everyone is ready to get some rest charles is off again to scout for the next day this is unbelievable after working allday he goes back to work so he can do everything in his power to make each and everyday a successful hunt.again charles thank you for the great hunt and family memories we made this week I have already booked my hunt for next year and as long as charles welcomes us back we will continue our family tradition at bluedark outfitters so if anyone is considering going on a turkey or deer hunt this is the place to go hands down I will guarantee you will NEVER find a guide that goes out of there way to make your hunt successful and make many memories
Charles you are great can't wait until next year to do it all over again
We really enjoyed your professionalism knowledge and passion for what you do

Clayton - 2014

The date is November 7, 2014. This is no ordinary hunt. For whatever reason, Ben and I are running far behind the ideal time of getting in the stand. We know that the deer have already begun to move about as the sun sinks lower in the sky. We manage to creep into the stand after already catching glimpses of two shooter bucks pushing does. Just as we get settled in the stand, Ben notices a lone doe wandering out into the soybean field to our left. This is a good sign. As the hunt continues, a few more does make their way into the field, but still no sign of a buck. At this time the sun has now disappeared behind the pine trees and Ben and I wait anxiously, knowing the prime time has just arrived. I continue to glass my surroundings as Ben chimes off an orchestra of calls that would lure any big dominant buck in the area. Still no sign of a shooter, but we know something is up. The does in the soybean field are very alert and keep looking back into the thick cut-over behind them. As the minutes continue to pass and the does exit the back of the field, we are left alone. All the deer had disappeared and the shooting light was quickly doing the same, when all of the sudden movement catches my eye. I quickly shoulder my rifle to inspect the area, and that’s when I see him. The biggest buck I have ever seen fills my scope with his massive body. I begin to shake as I click off my safety and whisper to Ben, “Big Buck”. We both are now focused on the approaching deer. Now it is just a matter of who gets the shot. The buck stops to rip apart a small tree stating his dominance. This is when Ben motions to me to take the shot. I breathe in deeply and squeeze the trigger. I lose sight of the buck, but the excitement coming from Ben is a dead giveaway that I had dropped him in his tracks. We begin to celebrate, for this is the biggest buck that I had ever shot. We climb down from the stand and walk to the deer laying in the grassy cut-over. I kneel down and grasp the giant rack in awe of his sheer size. This sums up one of my most recent and all-time favorite hunts. Not only was I able to harvest the buck of a lifetime, but I was able to share the moment with one of my best friends, this is one hunt I will never forget.

Curtis Saffian - 2015

My 8yr old son and I really enjoyed are 1st hunt at Blue Dark Outfitters. It was a really awesome experience, that started as soon as we arrived at the lodge. Everyone there guide and guests included did what they could to make my son's 1st hunt awesome. My son's nick name for the weekend was Jr. Jr received a ton of hunting knowledge and tips this weekend. After being at the camp for 10 min, jr was helping clean deer. Anyone that knows my son knows that this is a huge feat. He is a very shy 8 year old when in the presence of adults. All the guys at camp helped him come out of his shell this past weekend. I was very impressed, I will be making a few more trips this year and in years to come. Blue Dark Outfitters is top notch in my book. Give Charles a call, he will work very hard to give you an experience of a life time. You will see dear!!!

Michael Lyons - 2016

Me and my friend Bobby just got back from hunting with Charles at blue dark outfitters and let me tell you were going back. A lot of outfitters might have a lot of deer and turkey and even a lot of bears, I know blue dark does but none of them have Charles besides blue dark. Charles knows his land and knows the critters that live on it. He will do everything in his power to make your hunting trip a great one. I got the chance to shoot at the biggest buck that I ever saw it was somewhere around 150 inch plus and a huge body. Bobby saw a bear our first morning out and a bunch of deer. As you can tell I'm not a writer but let me tell you Charles and his son will work their butts off to make your hunt a great one. We are going back next year. If you need more info feel free to call me. If you work hard for your money like I do you want to be treated like a person not a number. Charles will make you feel at home there and no matter what critter, deer,turkey,or bear he will put you on them.

Eric and Brenden - 2013

“Our Story”
It all started with a Google search for “Guided Hunting in NC”. One of my biggest concerns was I didn’t want to feel out of place because we knew nothing about hunting, and when I came across BlueDark Outfitters website right there on the homepage is said “BlueDark Outfitters prides itself on catering to guided hunts, especially parent child hunts.” Then I read on the about us page all about Charles and the “ his story”. I was sold.

I contacted Charles through the contact form, and later that night I got a call from Charles, and the moment we started talking it only felt even more comfortable, and I knew it was the right choice. Even better yet, come to find out he lived right around the corner from me, so we were able to meet and go over everything. We had several chats over the phone about the upcoming hunt and Charles was excited as we were. I could tell he had a true passion for hunting and this was going to be a great trip.

I know this is a bit long for a testimonial but I just have to say more than it was an “Awesome Trip”. Awesome doesn’t really do it justice.

From the moment we arrived Charles made us feel like we were right at home. We arrived at the Farm House to a fully stocked kitchen with more food than you could eat in a month. Plenty of accommodations, especially for a hunting trip.

So Charles took us for a ride around some of the property, which I can’t even describe in words what a hunters paradise this place is, and Charles knows every inch of the thousands of acres out there. We were for sure fired up now. The next morning Charles came to the house to get us and take us on our first hunt. We sat in the kitchen over breakfast where in detail Charles told us exactly where we would be and how things would likely develop while we were out there. He did this before every hunt we had. And we were simply AMAZED at how he knew exactly what the deer were going to do in every spot he put us in. Honestly they did exactly what he said they would do EVERY time.

My son had never killed a deer at all, and he was able to take a buck on his first deer. Charles was as excited as we were. His wife, son, and in-laws even called to congratulate my son on his first deer. That was just really cool and shows how much passion not only he has but everyone that’s involved with the operation has.

Charles is simply amazing at what he does. He walked countless miles while we were hunting to watch the deer to see where he would put us up next. The stands, and locations are just awesome. He took care of all the details so we literally hopped in the stand and watched deer every hunt.

If you don’t try this place out you will be missing out on possibly one of the best hunting trips you will ever have, and I’m not exaggerating in the least bit. I’m not even sure we can wait till next year to go back. I’m thinking we will be back before this season is over.

Charles, thank you so much for your time, passion, knowledge, and willingness to share all of it.

Brandon Kernells - 2013

Hey everyone, just recently attended a father/son hunt in 7 dec 2013. They weather didnt cooperate the way we wanted it to, but I can assure you this place is leggit. You can tell the goal for quality deer management has been clearly established, and the natural forage, not to include there impressive supplemental feeding program is a work of art. I can assure you you will not be bored while hunting, the place is loaded with turkeys. They care and sincerity given to catering and accommodating your hunt is outstanding. Check them out, I'm sure you will not be disappointed, I personally will be going back at every opportunity. Thanks Charles decker and staff for the great time.

William E Wingfield - 2013

Went up for a hunt with Charles and the guys the last few days of the season. It was well after the rut was over and the weather wasn't great but I still had a blast. Charles and his crew go out of their way to make you feel at home. The property was awesome and well managed. Despite it being the end of the season I still saw a couple of deer... and the biggest delight was seeing all the turkey. I watched six big gobblers walk across a field and two of them had beards that had to be 10 inches or more. I'll definitely be back, especially to chase those darn turkeys.

John Green - 2014

I have hunted and fished with this guy since he was a teenager. He is an old school southern gentleman and I have never seen anyone more knowledgeable on a hunt. Being in the field with him is a privilege.

Alan Meador - 2014

Had a great time and look forward to returning next year.

Douglas Tusing - 2014

I had the pleasure of taking a three day guided turkey hunt with Blue Dark outfitters during the opening week of the 2014 North Carolina turkey season. I arrived on a Sunday evening and met Charles Decker in the town of Woodland, North Carolina and was taken to the camp accommodations and was pleasantly surprised that the camp was recently renovated inside and outside. Renovations are currently ongoing with a deck edition being built to the rear of the facility. The interior décor was exceptional and the beds comfortable. I felt as if I was in a true hunter’s man-cave, especially with the number of game mounts and the tile flooring, this facility is truly up to date. Yes it was a very successful hunt, harvesting a total of 2 long beards. One on a Monday and the other on Tuesday, this was the result of the guides hard work and attention to detail. Each bird was taken within 45-minutes of arriving at the hunting location. By taking the birds so early in the morning, I was able to accompany the guide as he went out and surveyed the area for active birds as well as placing hunters in those locations. The guide’s knowledge of the area and years of experience hunting the property proved invaluable. The guide imparted knowledge onto myself by answering all of my questions and explaining how he determined locations, as well as what tactics would be used if birds hung up or were not active. I will be able to take that knowledge back to my home in the mountains of West Virginia and use as I hunt turkeys in the years to come. Whether I was successful or not that knowledge will be beneficial to me for years to come. Another pleasant surprise was that instead of preparing meals in the camp all hunters were taken into local restaurants for the evening meal as part of the hunting package. I do plan to hunt with Blue Dark Outfitters in the future and look forward to continuing the friendship that was started during my 3-day guided turkey hunt. Most defiantly a 5-star operation and encourage everyone to hunt with Blue Dark Outfitters, you will not be disappointed.

Keith, Pennsylvania

I recently had the pleasure of participating on a 3 day hunt with Blue Dark Outfitters. This was the first hunt I have ever gone on outside my state and let me tell you, I may had only met Charles, but by the time I left I felt like family and as if I had known him for years. He is extremely knowledgeable, helpful, and someone who truly cares not only about hunting but getting you as the hunter in the position to have a fantastic hunt and see plenty of deer. I had never used a grunt call or rattling antlers in the past, but Charles sat with me in my stand to call for me; something in which he went above and beyond and didn’t have too do. The hunting property is beautiful, thousands of acres of fields and woods with all sorts of wildlife. When I was out in the woods I could lose myself thinking I was on another planet. The accommodations were great, a small lodge on the farm with an amazing view both during the day and night. Choosing Blue Dark for my first hunt was the best decision I could have made. I have already booked a 5 day hunt for next year and if possible go on a turkey hunt. If you want to hunt in North Carolina, then the choice is simple… Charles and Blue Dark Outfitters.

Scott Hollrah

I recently had the joy of hunting for turkey with my daughter and the bluedark outfitting crew. It was an immensely enjoyable experience from the drive up to their beautiful farm, to pulling out of their drive with a trophy sized gobbler in our ice chest.

You will not meet a harder working, more dedicated, pleasant guide in the business than Charles Decker. His sole intent is to ensure that you are having the grandest time available, while putting you in the best position to get your target.

I am already booking a fall hunting trip with my son that I know, without reservation, will be another tremendous experience.

Michel Taillefer

WE've Ben elle wlcomed bye Charles. THe orner was really kind. WE've Ben trémates like kings. We havé passes à gréât hunting week-end événements il the d'ère didn't coopérateurs. Tt hé hunting sites we're awesome but didn't filles our tag. Can't sait ton Côme bacs next yearling. Thanks a lot!

daniel plante

i was at bluedark outfitters nov 21 throuh nov 25 2016 hunting deer, what a week!!! nice camp,very good food,the owner mr Charkes Decker woork hard to make us see deer ,it is a very nice family buisness,is daughter help us to retreive a nice buck !i also had 2 nice doe.we already book for 2017.cant wait to go back. we were 4 hunter from Quecec, Canada..

Alain Lebrasseur - 2016

The fall of last year for the first time i was hunting deer in the USA NC with 3 other hunters. When we opted for the Blue Dark Outfitters we didn't know what to expect especially since because i live in Val-d'Or Canada to more 1,000 miles of the Outfitter so we can't miss our choice and finally we love our week of hunting as well as meals and nice spot and service.

I am happy to be back in the fall for another hunting trip

A Outfitter to recommend

Thanks for lot Charles and his family

John Boyd - 2016

Nice accommodations, plenty to eat! Charles did a good job of scouting area, with tree-stand placement in good locations. I saw plenty of deer and two of the biggest bucks I have ever seen. I have every intention on returning next year.

Marc - 2016

Went deer hunting with 3 buddies last fall at Blue Dark, we are from Quebec Canada, Never thought that the owner Mr. Charles Decker and is family would take care of us so carefully, The did everything they could do to provide us with every thing that we need. 5 days of great hunting,nice farm, great meals, So ain't have no choice to be back next fall

Wyatt Neff and Greg Walters -2016

The whole experience has been absolutely wonderful. Being from Indiana we really had no idea what we were getting into, from the moment we met Charles and his family we knew it was going to be special. We got to camp hopped in the truck and drove around and got to see tons and tons of deer. Headed back to the house and had amazing food from his caterer. It was from that moment on we felt at home. Charles puts nearly 20 hours of the day into scouting, checking, almost anything he can to set you up on the deer, or bears. He has the stands clearly marked and easy to find morning or night. He goes over how to get to stand, where to expect deer to come from, nearly everything you can possibly do to make it easier on the hunter. The stands are beautiful set ups, you could set there all day and not see a deer and never get bored it's simply breathtaking. After a long day hunting his caterer has amazing food waiting for you. Some of the best meals we've ever had. He has several good deer and manages his land perfectly. We will definitely be back next year and hopefully kill a few more, but you definitely can’t go wrong with hunting at blue dark outfitters if you want to have the best hunting experience possible. We have no complaints whatsoever.

Thank you to all the staff members that make it possible –
Sincerely, Wyatt Neff and Greg Walters

Zach’s first deer - 2016

We started in 2013 learning about bow hunting. My grandson wanted to hunt. He bought a bow on EBay which was fixed up to work at NC Hunter’s Supply in Raleigh. He took lessons and went through all the safety courses with me. I fish as much as I can, no hunting. We went to a guide last year but we never saw a deer. The lodge was dirty with roaches and a stove that didn’t work. We tried 3 times but never saw a deer.

Ramon Bell of the Bow Hunter’s Club told me to get Zach a compound bow for accuracy which I did last year. Zach practiced all year with the compound bow and his long bow. He would truly like to hunt with the long bow but he is not accurate at 20 yards. We won this hunting trip at the Bow Hunter’s Banquet in March. We made reservations with Charles Decker then. I was concerned about the lodge and was wonderfully surprised. It is clean and well kept.

Charles told us the rules Friday night, and we got ready. I can no longer use a stand. Charles set me up with a ground blind. He made it a point that Zach would be using his harness while in the stand. We talked about hunting over dinner. Bojangles Chicken, love it. Zach and I both sucked up all that Charlie had to tell.

We went out Saturday morning at 5:30. Zach got his shot at first light. I think Charles said that was blue dark (early dawn). When we got back, Charles had to get his dog to find the buck. He did and brought it back in. Zach was on cloud nine. For his very first deer, he shot an 8-point buck. Charles showed Zach and me how to clean the deer. Zach did dig in and do some of the work. Zach and Charles cleaned the deer and Charles took it to the butcher for us. We then went to a restaurant in town, excellent. I did meet his father in law, Johnny, a young man of 78. We hunted another 2 days but the deer seem to be like fish; they do what they want. I did not get a deer but I did enjoy the woods. Zach had all the luck. I am used to the ocean.

We are cleaning the deer head for a skull mount to show off the 8-point rack. Thank you Charlie. We have already booked for 2016.

Jim Beetham

Sue Ondrovic - 2017

Such a special time spent with you and your son Heath. The other three hunters were a great group of guys  to be around.  It will be a time John and I both will remember. You have such a wonderful set up there for hunting. Thank you! Thank you!

God Bless you and your Family.  Maybe their will be another time in the near future.  Sue Ondrovic

Bryan Koch - 2018

I came to the outfitter with high hopes of getting my first harvest, and when I told Mr. Decker that, he went much above and beyond to make it happen. We shared stories, and even though it was only a few days hunt, I will be returning when I can. I had such an amazing and satisfying hunt from Charles. I went from being a complete stranger at hour one to, at the hand shake goodbye, I knew I made a new friend that would last a lifetime. It’s not just about the hunt but about the experience. Mr. Decker was a great guide, and like I said, is now a better friend. I’m happy to leave there with a cooler full of meat and a new friend.