Deer Hunting

Prepare to wake up early, well before “blue dark.” Your guide will wake you, and discuss the morning hunt with you as you eat a continental breakfast. You will then be taken to your stand site and either dropped off or walked in upon request. We will begin retrieving hunters around 11:00 a.m. Harvested animals that are easily collected will be taken back to the lodge cleaning shed to be gutted and hung. Lunch will consist of “prepare your own” soup and sandwiches from our generously stocked kitchen. You may then take an afternoon nap before heading back out around 2:00 p.m. for the evening hunt. Hunters will be retrieved from the evening hunt at the end of legal hunting hours. Animals harvested during the evening hunt will be picked up with the hunters and returned to the lodge.

Hunters will then be served a hot southern meal for dinner. Occasionally, we will choose to eat at one of our delicious local establishments. Our kitchen is not only well stocked with choices for breakfast and lunch, it is also fully equipped. If you have special dietary needs or preferences, you will need to provide and prepare for that yourself.

If a wounded / dying animal requires tracking, we will attempt to retrieve it during the midday break or after the evening hunting. Please keep in mind that not all wounded animals can be recovered. We will make our best effort.

NOTE: At no time shall a hunter leave his stand to track a wounded animal. He must wait for the assistance of the guides.

2019 Deer Hunting Season

Bow September 8 2019 – September 28th 2019
Muzzle Loader September 29th 2019 - October 12th 2019
Gun October 13th 2019 – January 1st 2020

Archery Deer Hunts with Lodging

  • 1 Day$350 (bag limit: 1 Doe OR 1 Buck)

  • 3 Day$800 - (bag limit: 2 Doe and 1 Buck)

  • 5 Day$1,100 - (bag limit: 2 Doe and 2 Buck)

Muzzle Loader Deer Hunts with Lodging

  • 1 Day$425 - (bag limit: 1 Doe OR 1 Buck)

  • 3 Day$1,200 - (bag limit: 2 and 1 Buck)

  • 5 Day$1,500 - (bag limit: 2 Doe and 2 Buck)

Gun Deer Hunts with Lodging

  • 1 Day$425 - (bag limit: 1 Doe OR 1 Buck)

  • 3 Day$1,300 - (bag limit: 2 and 1 Buck)

  • 5 Day$1,700 - (bag limit: 2 Doe and 2 Buck)

Bear Hunting

Is allowed during the short seasons in our three counties that occur in November and December. Bear hunts are priced the same as gun deer hunts, with an additional fee of a $500.00 payable during the hunt to BlueDark Outfitters if one is killed. Hunters must purchase an NC bear stamp prior to the hunt, and it must be verified by the guide.

  • Hunters should arrive at 6pm the day before the hunt.

  • To reserve your hunt, a non-refundable deposit of 50% is required and can be paid by check or online using our PayPal feature. The remaining balance is due upon arrival and can be paid in cash, cashier’s check, money order, or PayPal.

  • Check out Important Information Page for more details.