Important Information

Location of BlueDark outfitters

Located in Woodland, NC. There was a time when Google had us listed in Belmont, NC. This is NOT CORRECT. If you need directions please feel free to call us prior to heading our way.

Hunting License

All hunters are required by North Carolina law to obtain a valid NC hunting license. If a hunter fails to obtain his or her hunting license, that person will not be allowed to hunt until a license has been purchased. Licenses and big game tags can be purchased at prior to your arrival. If you wait until you arrive at BlueDark, we will be happy to take you to the local Walmart to make your purchase. Be aware, if you are interested in hunting for bear, you will need to purchase a bear stamp as well. All state and federal laws will be enforced, and anyone breaking them will have their hunt terminated without a refund. In addition, the local authorities will be notified.

Game Management Rules and Fines

BlueDark strives to provide a quality hunting experience. In order to do so, our game management efforts include imposing fines for the taking of under-size bucks and out of season game. Our rules forbid the taking of button bucks, bucks with less than three points on one side (not including the brow tines), and the illegal taking of any game under NC Wildlife Laws.

The fines are listed below

  • Button bucks – $100.00

  • Bucks with less than three points on one side (not including brow tines) – $200.00

  • Illegal/out of season game – $500.00

  • If you shoot a button buck or undersized buck, in addition to the fine, the animal counts towards your BlueDark bag limit.

These fines are enforced, not as a means of income, but in an effort to insure that this season’s small animals become trophy opportunities in future years. Our goal is to allow our deer herds to reach maturity and guard against wiping them out.

There are no minimum buck restrictions for hunters under the age of 13.

The taking of any out of season game will immediately terminate your hunt and the game warden will be notified.

Gun hunters are encouraged to bring safety harnesses during deer hunts, but it is not required. Bow hunters are required to bring and use a safety harness for all deer hunts. In addition, all guns will be unloaded and transported in a carrying case. The ammunition will be transported separately from the gun case.

It is perfectly fine to unwind and have a few alcohol based drinks (not provided, but okay to bring) after a long hunting day. However, if alcohol is consumed during hunting hours, we reserve the right to cancel that day’s hunt in partial or in full without a refund. This is a safety issue. Moreover, we do require everyone to be respectful of each other in the hunting lodge. We also reserve the right to cancel a hunt in full, without a refund, due to poor conduct.

Suggested Equipment
* •    Bow, Shotgun, Rifle and/or Ammunition
* •    Camouflage Clothing
* •    Blaze Orange hat and/or vest (required by law)
* •    Rain Gear
* •    Appropriate Clothing For The Weather
* •    Bring linens and towels
* •    Compass
* •    Hunting Knife
* •    First Aid Kit
* •    Binoculars
* •    Bug Repellent (Thermacell Recommended)
* •    Rubber Boots
* •    Calls
* •    Scents
* •    Camera
* •    Video Camera
* •    Cooler To Transport Meat

Our guides will gladly gut, skin and quarter your harvested animal. We will also cape the animal upon request. Ice will be provided and the quartered animal will be placed in your cooler for transportation. We do have a deer processor in the area and will help you transport your animal to him if you would like. All decisions about, payments for, and arrangements for retrieval of your meat are between you and the processor.

Our guides go out of their way to insure that you have a successful and safe hunt. By no means is tipping required, but it is greatly appreciated.