If you are looking for the best, guided, whitetail deer and turkey hunting in North Carolina, welcome to BlueDark Outfitters!


If you are searching for guided hunts in Northeastern North Carolina, then you already know that our region is home to some of the best whitetail deer hunting in the country! BlueDark Outfitters hunts in Northampton, Hertford, and Bertie Counties. Our lodge is located near the town of Woodland, NC. In the 2014 – 2015 deer season, these three counties reported a total of 4476 antlered deer taken and a combined grand total of 10,344 deer taken which includes does and button bucks.


BlueDark Outfitters offers guided hunts, for not only whitetail deer, but also black bears, and spring turkeys, on land that has been managed, farmed, and hunted by the same family for generations. In addition to grain fields, the terrain includes swamp bottoms, hardwoods, pine blocks, and marshy areas. We can accommodate up to eight hunters per week in our lodge and cater to father and son hunting experiences. We cap our lodge at a maximum of eight in order to provide you with a personal experience. You are not just a number at BlueDark. We want to get to know you. For BlueDark Outfitter guides and family members, hunting has been our tradition, taught and shared by father to son and then father to son (daughters too!). We would love to help you take home a deer, bear, or turkey and build a memory to last a lifetime with your friends and family.


Blue Dark Outfitters prides itself on catering to guided hunts, especially parent child hunts and offers a generous deer limit based on the length of the hunt.

Deer Hunting

Prepare to wake up early, well before “blue dark.” Your guide will wake you, and discuss the morning hunt with you as you eat a continental breakfast. You will then be taken to your stand site and either dropped off or walked in upon request. We will begin retrieving hunters around 11:00 a.m. Harvested animals that are easily collected will be taken back to the lodge cleaning shed to be gutted and hung. Lunch will consist of “prepare your own” soup and sandwiches from our generously stocked kitchen. You may then take an afternoon nap before heading back out around 2:00 p.m. for the evening hunt. Hunters will be retrieved from the evening hunt at the end of legal hunting hours. Animals harvested during the evening hunt will be picked up with the hunters and returned to the lodge.

Hunters will then be served a hot southern meal for dinner. Occasionally, we will choose to eat at one of our delicious local establishments. Our kitchen is not only well stocked with choices for breakfast and lunch, it is also fully equipped. If you have special dietary needs or preferences, you will need to provide and prepare for that yourself.

If a wounded / dying animal requires tracking, we will attempt to retrieve it during the midday break or after the evening hunting. Please keep in mind that not all wounded animals can be recovered. We will make our best effort.

***At no time shall a hunter leave his stand to track a wounded animal. He must wait for the assistance of the guides.

2017 Deer Hunting Season

Bow September 9 – TBD
Muzzle Loader September 30th - TBD
Gun October 14th – January 1st

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Turkey Hunting

Semi – Guided Hunts

Your guide will wake you up early, well before the first bird utters a chirp. After a continental breakfast, you will be dropped off in a location known to hold roosting birds. After drop-off, you are on your own, free to do your own set-up, listening, and calling. You are invited to bring your own decoys and tent blinds. We also have these items available for your use upon request. Hunters are retrieved around 11:00 a.m. and returned to the lodge for lunch. You will have the opportunity to nap before the afternoon hunt or just relax. You do have the option to hunt all day. The afternoon hunt will begin with drop-off around 2:00. Pick-up is after the end of legal shooting hours. All harvested birds are dressed and packed according to the hunter’s specifications.

Guided Hunts

These hunts follow the same schedule as the semi-guided hunts unless the hunter wishes to stay out all day. A guide is with you for the entire hunt. This style of hunting will be spot and stalk or “talking turkey” out of ground blinds. Be prepared to “run and gun!” while chasing the gobblers. Decoys and blinds are provided with guided hunts.

2017 Spring Turkey Hunting Season

Youth (Male or Bearded Only) April 1st – April 7th
Regular April 9 – May 7


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Whitetail Deer and Turkey Hunt Prices

Archery Deer Hunts with Lodging

  • 1 Day$350 (bag limit: 1 Doe OR 1 Buck)
  • 3 Day$800 -  (bag limit: 2 Doe and 1 Buck)
  • 5 Day$1,050 - (bag limit: 2 Doe and 2 Buck)

Muzzle Loader Deer Hunts with Lodging

  • 1 Day$425 - (bag limit: 1 Doe OR 1 Buck)
  • 3 Day$1,200 - (bag limit: 2 and 1 Buck)
  • 5 Day$1,500 - (bag limit: 2 Doe and 2 Buck)

Gun Deer Hunts with Lodging

  • 1 Day$425 - (bag limit: 1 Doe OR 1 Buck)
  • 3 Day$1,200 - (bag limit: 2 and 1 Buck)
  • 5 Day$1,600 - (bag limit: 2 Doe and 2 Buck)

Spring Turkey Hunts Semi Guided

  • 1 Day $350
  • 3 Day $725
  • 5 Day $1000  

Spring Turkey Hunts Fully Guided

  • 1 Day $450
  • 3 Day $1,100
  • 5 Day $1,600

Bear hunting is allowed during the short seasons in our three counties that occur in November and December. Bear hunts are priced the same as gun deer hunts, with an additional fee of a $500.00 payable during the hunt to BlueDark if one is killed. Hunters must purchase an NC bear stamp prior to the hunt, and it must be verified by the guide.

  • Hunter(s) are to arrive at 6:00 PM the day before the hunt.
  • To reserve your hunt, a non-refundable deposit of 50% is required and can be paid by check or by using our paypal feature. The remaining balance is due on arrival and can be paid with cash, cashier’s check, money order, or paypal.
  • Check out our IMPORTANT INFORMATION Page for details on game mgt rules and fines.

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Meet The Guide


BlueDark Outfitters is a family affair. My name is Charles Decker. My wife of twenty-five years, Christiana, was raised in Northampton County. It is her family’s farm that I have hunted for over two decades and have the pleasure of sharing with my hunting clientele. I fell in love with northeastern North Carolina and quickly learned to appreciate the laid back pace and atmosphere. We have two sons and a daughter who have been my hunting companions for many years. My oldest son is responsible for our name. He still describes his hunting mornings as black dark, grey dark, and finally BlueDark.  You will find his favorite hunting story on the website.

I am in my fifties, originally born and raised in the Charlotte area of the state in Belmont, NC. I have hunted all my life. My first hunting trip was with my father and brother. I will never forget it. I was a cold, wet, seven-year-old boy, wading through a flooded rice field in the dark, and loving every moment. We shot a few ducks and tried our hands at deer hunting, but what I remember the most was the hot sausages, the campfire, and the thrill of the experience. I have been passionate about hunting and the outdoors from that first moment. Ever since, I have looked for every opportunity to be outside. My two favorite experiences as a young man are an elk-hunting trip in Colorado and a trip to British Colombia, Canada. I am a tile and stone contractor in the off-seasons, which allows me to be both inside and out. I was a scoutmaster for my sons and their peers for ten years, during which time we camped somewhere in the Appalachians once a month. My wife says that totaled up, I have spent years sleeping in the woods. My involvement in scouting helped guide us on our path to begin our outfitting business. I had taken numerous friends and family members on hunting trips and enjoyed the fellowship and especially the excitement of the children. It was like having my seven-year-old rice paddy experience all over again each time. At first, I was very hesitant to turn hunting into part of my livelihood because I was concerned that doing so would make hunting feel like work. I could not have been more wrong. I have found that helping others achieve their goals is incredibly fulfilling.

By choosing BlueDark, I know that you will have a safe, exciting adventure that will make you thirst for more. Our goal is to create an environment where our hunters and guests feel welcome and comfortable to come relax and enjoy the outdoors. We will do everything possible to provide you with a rewarding hunt and an experience you will value for a lifetime. Bring your friends and family with you to experience the hospitality and hunting environment you can find only in northeastern North Carolina.



John O'Dell
Drury Outdoors

My dad decided at the young age of 70 that he wanted me to take him turkey hunting this spring in North Carolina. He has not been spring turkey hunting in a few years due to his health and I live in Texas, so I was not really sure where to take him in North Carolina where he lives. I also had to find a place that was pretty flat and where he would not have to do much walking. Well my research led me to Charles Decker who runs Blue Dark Outfitters. He explained that he has 13,000 acres of some of the best turkey, deer, and black bear hunting that North Carolina has to offer. After he had answered all of the my questions, the date was set for 4/19/14. That was the other thing. My dad and I would only have one morning to get things done.

Well rarely does a hunt go as planned, but that is exactly what happened on this trip. We met Charles in town and he took us out to the house where we would be staying. He explained where we would be hunting in the morning and said that the birds were especially vocal. So the next morning we were up at 4:00AM and on our way to our blind on the edge of a field where a couple of roads intersected. To make a long story short it was the best eastern turkey gobbling/hunting I have ever experienced south of the Mason Dixon line. I called in 4 longbeards with my MAD Super Aluminator and my dad shot the big strutter. Then one of his buddies came in to get revenge on his fallen comrade and so I introduced him to a load of Winchester Longbeard XR #6’s! I mostly only bow hunt for turkeys these days, so it was fun to use my dad’s old shotgun to harvest a bird. We had doubled up on 2 really nice birds which both happened to be double beards. My dad’s turkey had a 11.5” beard 7.5” beard and 1.25” spurs. Earlier in the week another hunter had harvested a bird with almost 2” hooks and another with 1&5/8” spurs. Some serious old trophy turkeys.

When we were done with photos and telling the story with some of the other hunters in camp Charles took me for a drive to show me more of his property which is the perfect mix of open fields and hardwoods. We saw more turkeys than I could count. What a magical place for sure and I can’t wait to go back. A big thank you goes out to our new friend Charles and to Blue Dark Outfitters!

Be safe and good hunting! - John


Went deer hunting with 3 buddies last fall at Blue Dark, we are from Quebec Canada, Never thought that the owner Mr. Charles Decker and is family would take care of us so carefully, The did everything they could do to provide us with every thing that we need. 5 days of great hunting,nice farm, great meals, So ain't have no choice to be back next fall


Wyatt Neff and Greg Walters

The whole experience has been absolutely wonderful. Being from Indiana we really had no idea what we were getting into, from the moment we met Charles and his family we knew it was going to be special. We got to camp hopped in the truck and drove around and got to see tons and tons of deer. Headed back to the house and had amazing food from his caterer. It was from that moment on we felt at home. Charles puts nearly 20 hours of the day into scouting, checking, almost anything he can to set you up on the deer, or bears. He has the stands clearly marked and easy to find morning or night. He goes over how to get to stand, where to expect deer to come from, nearly everything you can possibly do to make it easier on the hunter. The stands are beautiful set ups, you could set there all day and not see a deer and never get bored it's simply breathtaking. After a long day hunting his caterer has amazing food waiting for you. Some of the best meals we've ever had. He has several good deer and manages his land perfectly. We will definitely be back next year and hopefully kill a few more, but you definitely can’t go wrong with hunting at blue dark outfitters if you want to have the best hunting experience possible. We have no complaints whatsoever.

Thank you to all the staff members that make it possible –
Sincerely, Wyatt Neff and Greg Walters


Zach’s first deer

We started in 2013 learning about bow hunting. My grandson wanted to hunt. He bought a bow on EBay which was fixed up to work at NC Hunter’s Supply in Raleigh. He took lessons and went through all the safety courses with me. I fish as much as I can, no hunting. We went to a guide last year but we never saw a deer. The lodge was dirty with roaches and a stove that didn’t work. We tried 3 times but never saw a deer.

Ramon Bell of the Bow Hunter’s Club told me to get Zach a compound bow for accuracy which I did last year. Zach practiced all year with the compound bow and his long bow. He would truly like to hunt with the long bow but he is not accurate at 20 yards. We won this hunting trip at the Bow Hunter’s Banquet in March. We made reservations with Charles Decker then. I was concerned about the lodge and was wonderfully surprised. It is clean and well kept.

Charles told us the rules Friday night, and we got ready. I can no longer use a stand. Charles set me up with a ground blind. He made it a point that Zach would be using his harness while in the stand. We talked about hunting over dinner. Bojangles Chicken, love it. Zach and I both sucked up all that Charlie had to tell.

We went out Saturday morning at 5:30. Zach got his shot at first light. I think Charles said that was blue dark (early dawn). When we got back, Charles had to get his dog to find the buck. He did and brought it back in. Zach was on cloud nine. For his very first deer, he shot an 8-point buck. Charles showed Zach and me how to clean the deer. Zach did dig in and do some of the work. Zach and Charles cleaned the deer and Charles took it to the butcher for us. We then went to a restaurant in town, excellent. I did meet his father in law, Johnny, a young man of 78. We hunted another 2 days but the deer seem to be like fish; they do what they want. I did not get a deer but I did enjoy the woods. Zach had all the luck. I am used to the ocean.

We are cleaning the deer head for a skull mount to show off the 8-point rack. Thank you Charlie. We have already booked for 2016.

Jim Beetham


BlueDArk Outfitters

Woodland, NC






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